B. Wiebe 
Mitchell, Manitoba

My truck is equipped with a Cummins ISX 475hp. Its been about 3 years since Peter did the work on my engine and I like the results. The truck doesn’t smoke like it used to, my fuel mileage increased some especially in winter. Engine oil temp decreased by 10-20f. My oil samples are coming back with half the soot levels than before. Less soot equals less engine wear. One thing I’ve really come to appreciate is the adjustable turbo actuator. What it does is help me control the exhaust temp at an optimum level, right around 600f is where the engine performs best and is most efficient. The guys at jpf2000 know their stuff and are trustworthy people. I highly recommend them and they will make your truck run better.


C. Gilbert 
Rosenort, Manitoba

I have worked with JPF since July, 2008.Since that time I have never had any serious problems with my unit, now, a 2007 Volvo. Every time my unit comes into Rosenort it goes to the shop to be inspected by either Jake or Peter Friesen. There have been several modifications made to my unit regarding fuel conservation. Sometimes I am told about these modifications before I go out on a trip, other times I am not; I comment to Jake or Peter that I seem to be getting a pronounced increase in fuel mileage suddenly. I have noticed that no changes made to my unit have been detrimental to it but have only increased the fuel mileage or had no significant change.

I have had changes made that have increased my horsepower but not fuel consumption, increased engine cooling, thereby decreasing fuel being used by engine fan coming on during hot temperatures or climbs up hills.

Should I have any driver’s worst nightmare of having a break down happen on the road Jake or Peter are always able to walk me through the repairs needed or come and rescue me if that is an option. At this point I know more about engines then I ever wanted to know.